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Nag Champ is among he most popular fragrances in the world!

Nag champa is famously known from it's homelands of India and Nepal.  It is linked to Buddhist and Hindu practices 
It is the #1 go to sent for yoga and meditation studios around the world.

It was also the signature scent that Bob Dylan would use during to prepare and cleanse before his shows!

Nag Champa is known for 
- Purifying negative energy and cleansing space
- Attracting positivity
- Enhancing Mood
- Mental Balance
- Spiritual Connection 
- Chakra Healing and balancing Chakras
- Aphrodisiac or stimulant
- Helps the mind fuel creativity and insipiration

OUR NAG CHAMPA Rollerballs and Sprays are infused with Bloodstone crystals to help amplify the effect and cleansing!


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