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Rose of Jericho - AKA;  The Resurrection Plant  

A true symbol of Resilience and renewal making it a powerful metaphor for spiritual growth and transformation.

This dry flower is filled with many magical properties that help it resurrect from the dead.  When it comes back to life it is thought to bring Love, Prosperity, Good Luck, Peace, Protection and Healing. 

This flower is widely used in the Middle East, various parts of Europe, and beyond as a traditional medicine to help with many health conditions and well-being.

Many believe it resurrects area of your life, brings good fortune and protect you from negative energy or situations as it transforms.

NOTE:   After placing the plant in water, the water is recommended to be changed daily.  If the water is standing for too many days, the flower may rot.  

Please notice due to the natural product condition the flower chosen may vary in size.   This listing is for sizes 2.5"-3".


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